Returns Policy

If the product is faulty, damaged or breaks within the first year of use, your warranty card will allow the replacement of the earphones with no questions asked. We do ask, however, that you provide us the details of the breakage and tell us what is wrong before returning it. You shouldn't have a problem receiving a brand new pair as soon as we receive your return.

Not satisfied?

If you aren't satisfied with your earphones then you have 7 days to return them and we will give you your money back. Alternatively you have 2 weeks from date of payment to return them if you aren't satisfied and we will replace them with an item of the same value as the earphones.

Do note that everything must be in perfect condition as it was when it was sent by us. You are allowed to try them out/open packaging, but please make sure everything is back in its place before sending it back!

We hope it doesn't come to this, though! Frogbeats is confident you'll love them.

Where do I return my item?

The address in the footer of all our pages is where you want to send it to!